AOC LED 24″ M2470SWH


Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

•Input : HDMI – 1
•Εργονομία – Tilt
•Χρώμα – Black
•Τεχνολογία Οθόνης – VA
•TV Tuner – Όχι
•Κατασκευαστής – AOC
•Μοντέλο – M2470SWH
•Διαγώνιος – 23.6
•Εύρος Διαγωνίου – 22″ έως 24″
•Aspect Ratio – 16:9
•Μέγιστη Ανάλυση – 1920×1080
•Φωτεινότητα – 250
•Αντίθεση – 50M:1
•Χρόνος Απόκρισης – 5ms
•Γωνία Θέασης – 178/178
•Input : D-Sub(VGA) – 1
•Part Number – M2470SWH
•Μεικτό βάρος – 5,2 kg
•Καθαρό βάρος – 3,6 kg
•EAN Number – 4038986144995
•Εγγύηση – 3 έτη

Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

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This 23.6-inch WLED display is designed for fast-paced fun and entertainment, plus offers impressive performance for all your home computing needs. The MVA panel delivers extra-wide 178 degree viewing angles. With high contrast rations and Full HD resolution, you’ll also enjoy excellent picture quality.

With Full HD resolution and high contrast ratios, the 23.6-inch M2470SWH display offers brilliant picture quality and sharp, clear imagery – even on the darkest areas of the screen. Perfect for a range of home computing requirements, its advanced MVA panel technology delivers ultra-wide viewing angles of 178 degrees to ensure you’ll see every detail, no matter where you’re sitting. Integrated VGA and HMDI ports make it easy to connect your computer, media center, game console and more, plus the built-in speakers and headphone jack are ideal for listening to music or catching up with friends.

Αποστολή και Παράδοση


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